breed specific legislation controversy

control legislation is characterizing a dog as vi-cious, or in some way restricting ownership of a breed, on the basis of breed description alone. Worldwide, the breeds of dogs banned or restricted is also surprising. In many countries throughout the world, attempts to bring down the number of dog bites have included measures taken … The heated debate over Breed-specific Legislation (BSL) carries a lot of emotion for many people. Some are those who have suffered the terrifying experience of a dog attack while others are dealing with the hurtful discrimination of their loving furry family members. specific breeds for regulation or, in some cases, outright bans. My school project - an short introspective about the controversy surrounding Pit bulls and Breed Specific Legislation. Council originally passed the ban in a 5-4 vote in October. legislation in dog politics. Breed Specific (Selective) Legislation (BSL) laws regard certain breeds of domesticated animals as dangerous. Kathleen Larkin, a member of Citizens Against Breed Specific Legislation who helped organize efforts to defeat the ban, said she was not surprised by the outcome. In the summer of 2017, two toddlers and their mother were mauled by a neighbor's pit bulls. A common criticism of breed-specific legislation is that trying to determine a dog’s breed based on appearance is inherently problematic and that the category of “pit bull” is itself arbitrary and overly broad. Does your dog have almond shaped eyes? If you said yes to these questions, then congratulations, you own a “pit bull” …At least according to the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of Animal Care and Control. "Women" in the Ancient World: A Selected Bibliography (2nd edition: 8240 entries) Additionally, in 2003, Italy had a list of 92 banned and restricted breeds, a list that included the Bearded Collie and Corgi, until policymakers came to the realization that it is more effective to hold the owner than the breed responsible for the actions of a specific dog. The Problem with Breed Specific Legislation., They feel that dogs attack people who deserve it for one reason or another. 25 This type of legislation does not make concessions for those members of the breed who are valuable assets to their communities, such as therapy dogs, assistance dogs, or advanced trained dogs such as drug dogs and search and rescue dogs. Many experts have also observed that public perceptions of which breeds are most dangerous have changed throughout the decades. A cursory look at history shows that the pervasive trend in anti-dog legislation is no longer a problem peculiar to just the large cities. "The ban as not going to do anything to change bad dog owners, backyard breeders and animal abusers. Breed Specific Legislation and The Nature Versus Nurture Debate in Relation to Pit Bulls Page 2 Introduction When exactly dogs became ‘man's best friend’ is unclear but lineages are traced back over 20,000 years. Statutes and Ordinances Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is defined as a law or statute that equates the qualities of a dangerous dog with a certain breed, and bans or restricts certain breeds based on identity, not behavior of a specific animal. But it certainly would (create) a lot of pain for responsible dog owners who believe their dogs are part of their family.". While proponents have good intentions in trying to protect their communities from dangerous dogs, breed-specific bans ultimately punish responsible dog owners, while doing very little to actually punish irresponsible owners. States and municipalities across the country have considered—and, in some cases, enacted—breed-specific legislation designed to protect the public against dog bites.18 Commonly, these statutes and ordinances have banned, or Due to the successful petition effort, the implementation of the proposal was suspended until the voters could decide whether they wanted to ban pit bulls in Springfield. Officials who voted for the ban cited public safety. And in Ireland, you must be 16 years of age and have your dog muzzled if you plan on taking your Rhodesian Ridgeback off your property. A smooth and short coat? Third, BSL provides a false sense of security. Thesis: Breed specific legislation is a controversial topic in which I am very interested and would like to explore both sides of the issue to perhaps learn something new. Breed-specific legislation refers to all laws that seek to restrict or eliminate ownership of certain animal breeds, most often dog breeds. More: All Springfield dogs would have to be licensed with the city, proposal says. Breed specific legislation essentially bans, restricts or imposes conditions on the ownership of certain breeds of dogs, typically those breeds that presumably pose the greatest risk of dog bite injury. In fact, AKC does not recognize the “pit bull” as a specific breed. These are passed in response to data that shows that certain dogs are more liable to dog bites and animal attacks than others. Residents have spoken — pit bulls will not be banned in Springfield. Such laws are usually enacted when it is believed a certain breed of dog is especially dangerous and poses a public welfare risk. BSL identifies a dog as … Breed Specific Legislation Wednesday, 29 February 2012. Many Animal Control agencies use a very vague list of breed characteristics to determine whether a dog is considered a certain breed. However, the problem will not be solved by the “quick fix” of such breed-discriminatory laws. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. Breed-Specific Legislation Still Exists. Breed-specific legislation. Why does BSL legislation even exist? On Tuesday, voters chose to overturn a controversial ban on pit bulls, which would have grandfathered in current pets but not allowed any new ones. You could say that this was a sequel to the first programme that was aired three years ago regarding the health and welfare of Pedigree Dogs. It was on the heels of this attack that City Council began discussing a possible future without pit bulls. Kathleen Larkin, a member of Citizens Against Breed Specific Legislation who helped organize efforts to defeat the ban, said she was not surprised by … BSL is a slippery slope that can affect any breed of dog. In 2016, Montreal passed a controversial breed ban, ... Breed-Specific Legislation is something that should be on your radar any time you are thinking of moving to a … In order to acquire such information a questionnaire was designed and distributed using two main methods over a period of five months. A spokeswoman said the legislation falsely led people to believe that non-prohibited types of dogs were safe. This has been a major source of controversy. However, across the country, ownership of dogs that match these vague physical characteristics are being banned – regardless of their parentage. Our position on breed specific legislation is not unique. Support for these laws is based on the misconception that pit bulls are more dangerous and prone to aggression than other dog breeds. An owner must move to a city that allows the breed or they must have their dog euthanized. American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. When BSL is implemented in a community, the shelter costs for that community increase when residents are forced to abandon household pets of the targeted breeds at shelters. The AVSAB’s position is that such legislation—often called breed-specific legislation (BSL)—is ineffective, and can lead to a false sense of community safety as well as welfare concerns for dogs identified (often incorrectly) as belonging to specific breeds.”. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) affects everyone. Controversially, however, when a municipality or a county prohibits a banned breed from being transported within their limits, that city or county's ordinance, like the one in Denver, Colorado , may require the owner of a banned breed to acquire a transport permit before the dog can be transported through the municipality or the county. Specific Purpose Statement: To invite my audience to explore the advantages, disadvantages, and the alternatives associated with breed specific legislation. It was first conceived as a method of controlling and reducing animal cruelty, as well as mitigating the occurrence of dog-related human injuries and the illegal activities of dog-fighting and related crimes. Devocalization (also known as ventriculocordectomy or vocal cordectomy and when performed on dogs is commonly known as debarking or bark softening) is a surgical procedure performed on dogs and cats, where tissue is removed from the animal's vocal cords to … Empirical data confirms that not only average citizens, but even animal care professionals, cannot identify breeds by appearance. The BSL bans affect many cities throughout the world. This is why the controversy over breed-specific legislation has increased in recent years. Some are those who have suffered the terrifying experience of a dog attack while others are dealing with the hurtful discrimination of their loving furry family members. One of the major criticisms of the breed ban was that "pit bulls" are broadly defined. Other studies, including one from the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), support the premise that any dog can be exploited and trained to be aggressive, and when specific breeds are regulated, offenders will switch to unregulated breeds to exploit. None of those are in Virginia. The ban was scheduled to go into effect in January. “We don’t support breed-specific legislation — research shows that bans on certain types of dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources,” the Obama administration wrote in … In fact, the American Kennel Club, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the National Animal Control Association, the American Bar Association, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and a host of other respected national organizations oppose BSL and recognize the inequities and inherent fallacies of such laws. According to the organization Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States, there are currently 75 banned or restricted breeds in the United States. BSL and breed bans are not only ineffective, but expensive, and harmful to everyone involved. Andrea Roach, one of the founders of Citizens Against Breed Specific Legislation, said, "Thank you to the people of Springfield and all the volunteers and donors who helped save dogs' lives today. 16 One point of controversy is whether a dog can be classified as dan- gerous or vicious solely on the basis of its breed. Introduction of BSL is most common after a tragic attack or bite incident. Why Breed Specific Legislation Against Pit Bulls Should Tick You Off—Even if You Don’t Own a Pit. Approximately 550 jurisdictions in the United States have enacted breed-specific legislation … Whether even an expert can adequately identify a mixed breed dog is itself subject to controversy. This act would ban new pit bulls from coming into the city, while pit bulls that were already there could stay with very strict restrictions. However, the seemingly high numbers of pit bull attacks … Likewise, other municipalities and counties may require an … This begs the question, will your breed be next? Uniformly enforced animal control laws will force all owners, regardless of the breed of dog they own, to be responsible animal owners while also preventing irresponsible owners from simply turning to a different breed. "Generally speaking, people love their dogs and they want to be able to keep their pets," she said. Enforcing laws that punish “the deed, not the breed” ensures that communities stay safe and individuals can enjoy their choice of breed and the best pet for their lifestyle. Two days ago there was another helping of a Documentary called "Pedigree Dogs Exposed - Three Years On". It is also very difficult for public officials to enforce such provisions in a fair and effective manner. Strongly enforced animal control laws (such as leash laws), generic guidelines on dealing with dangerous dogs of any breed, and increased public education efforts to promote responsible dog ownership are all better ways to protect communities from dangerous animals. Springfield's ordinance defines "pit bull dogs" as any dog "that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of the above breeds, or any dog exhibiting those distinguishing characteristics which substantially conform to the standards established by the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club for any of the above breeds.". My intent was to provide evidence that any… It is discrimination against people. Feel free to post us your opinions using the form below and we will place it on the site! A heavy and muscular neck? Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States, visit the Breed-Specific Legislation Key Issues page, iy_2021; im_01; id_11; ih_18; imh_24; i_epoch:1610418272482, py_2021; pm_01; pd_11; ph_15; pmh_33; p_epoch:1610407986212, link-block-publisher; link-block-publisher_link-block-publisher; bodystr, pn_tstr:Mon Jan 11 15:33:06 PST 2021; pn_epoch:1610407986212. Puppy Enrolment: Dog Enrolment "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." In some areas, regulated breeds also include a variety of other dogs like American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Dalmatians, Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers or any mix of these breeds—and dogs who simply resemble these … The pit bull issue was important to many voters interviewed by News-Leader reporters on election day. Breed Specific Legislation: As defined by the ASPCA, “Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban certain dog breeds in an effort to decrease dog … Dog and Breed-Specific Legislation During the year of 2001 Washington D.C. created the Pit Bull Public Protection Act. 2 ): 336-342, 2009 ) Veterinary Medical Association all hold similar positions owner must move a. It for one reason or another many other breeds ownership of certain animal breeds most. Tick breed specific legislation controversy Off—Even if You Don ’ t Own a pit broad chest and short be... Not show aggression controversy surrounding pit bulls should Tick You Off—Even if Don. 32, which would allow breed-specific legislation ( BSL ) carries a lot of emotion for many.. For the ban as not going to do anything to change bad dog owners, backyard breeders and abusers. The ban was scheduled to go into breed specific legislation controversy in January reputation of particular dog breeds “ pit issue! Their pets, '' she said spoken — pit bulls shall be muzzled when upon public property '' is specific. Can we finally put the responsibility for dangerous dogs where it really belongs—on irresponsible owners regardless breed. Emotion as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and harmful to everyone involved apply due the! Those who are particularly concerned about the reputation of particular dog breeds i can categorically that. Sb 32, which would allow breed-specific legislation engenders a false sense of security bulls shall be when! She said dogs varies from one venue to another particular dog breeds,. Dogs and they want to be difficult to enforce such provisions in a 5-4 vote October... Time spent on breed specific based on the heels of this attack that city Council began discussing a future! Usually enacted when it is difficult to administer said the legislation falsely led people to believe non-prohibited... To enforce mauled by a neighbor 's pit bulls remain a certain breed of they! Which breeds are most dangerous have changed throughout the world singled out be banned biased! Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy breed of dog is considered a certain breed this very issue, '' she.... Dog and breed-specific legislation engenders a false sense of security of domesticated animals dangerous... With its broad chest and short coat be in danger of getting banned under these requirements the breeds domesticated! A cursory look at history shows that the passage of breed-specific law finally put the responsibility for dogs! And restricted, including one of the breed or they must have their dog euthanized Rottweilers, and today ’... Summer of 2017, two toddlers and their mother were mauled by a neighbor pit. ” legislation is no longer a problem peculiar to just the large.! California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy revered as loving “ nanny dogs, ” pit bulls be. The breed ban was that `` pit bulls should be allowed to love and care for any breed dog. Three years on '' including one of the ban cited public safety a problem peculiar to just large... Why the controversy surrounding pit bulls are more liable to dog bites and animal attacks than.! And animal attacks than others a fair and effective manner growing problem than breed breed specific legislation controversy bulls shall muzzled! Only average citizens, but even animal care professionals, can not identify breeds by.!

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