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4.0 of 5 stars (5) Reviews. Is there something wrong with it? Hi J.P I have a question the instruction manuals I have picked up all have you grasp the harp between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand I see from your vids you use the right hand why is this ?? ?Can u help me ..am totaly confused. Ještě jsem si koupil Combo elektronického bubeníka Alessis SR 16, mikrofon na harmoniku Shaker Retro Rocket a nahrávací Hardy Recorder ZOOM H1. BUT, as I said, I am new to both – just getting around to getting my lowers and am working with just the uppers right now (Severe GERD and chronic pain meds destroyed my teeth) and just pulled out my Meisterklasse 580 (about which I posted – at least I hope it posted – it went to a blank screen) and found that following the lessons was a lot easier without dentures than with. I would like to play a special 20, i’ll buy it in A and post to let you know how it is. Is it ok to use in your lessons or should I use a more proper type of harmonica? Thanks for the great site man, keep up the good work! As Bob Dylan says, “Do what you must do, and do it well.” Many people can emulate Bob Dylan, but I’ve heard very few great harmonica players who can play Bob Dylan the way Bob Dylan does his thing. I have jp’s lessons, 5 special 20’s, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord honer. I’m thinking to buying a Hohner Special 20 but here in Portugal i can’t find the Hohner Special 20 D tuned only the E tuned if i buy the Hohner Special 20 E tuned it will be harder to learn? Je mi už 70 let tak že musím učení urychlit abych si hraní na harmoniku ještě trochu užil. Jambone Harmonica. If any one has response to Mark, Ed, April, Sander, Alan, Gedeon, Donald, Jake please chime in…, I understand you want to check out my DVD and CD lessons and you’re finding the interest rate cost restrictive…please call my customer service guy Jason and he’ll will find a way to help you if he can…I don’t want money to get in the way of you getting the help you need in moving forward with the harmonica. This harmonica got a lot of great reviews. Never even picked one up, and where I live the special 20 is 160 and the bluesband is just under 20. Now I want to restart, but did not realize how technical the art has become. jp. I used to have a mix of Lee Oskar, Hohner and Huang in my case. Two weeks ago bought a C and a G Seydel. The Jambone is available in all 12 major keys and comes with an individual plastic case and cloth. Rather than worry, I intend to have fun and follow my guide. I find the information given very helpful however I would like to know after we get some practice behind us what next as far as the next harmonica to purchase. This article was very helpful, although I found it too late. 7 Best Professional Harmonica Reviews. If you want the very best, and time and money is not an object, order a Seydel 1847 directly from the technicians I mention above. I will go for the honer special 20. I am so disappointed. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Hi I am looking to buy a harmonica for my grandson (14) You mentioned the Hohner Special 20. I Have a Hohner Silver Star in key-c…and a crossover in key-c also….i can’t make up that should i buy a bluesband in key-c though i have a silver star…but i am sure that those bluesband or silver star is n ot going to play awesome like crossover but can i buy a bluesband….the harmonica is actually so cool in style and the cardbox too that minds tend to buy it….should i buy JP…please tell me???? Playing the harmonica is ok (for me) with the dentures in, however, tho I’m not bending yet (just getting started again after I tried in the 80s) I found that some of the mouth positions that JP has described have worked better when I’ve removed the dentures than when I have them in. I’m optimistic that my lessons will be a big help to you. Most of the songs were in those keys. And this is the range of the basic twelve keys of harmonica — from G to F-sharp. Thanks so much…. The 1847 is made in Germany. Because you are ten, and you’ve got a twelve-year head-start one me (I started playing when I was 22), the most important thing in the beginning is for you to have fun and learn some really cool stuff that’s really easy for you to play. You may be amazed at the result! Earlier in this thread I’ve offer my opinion of a long list of professional instrument and I would say any harmonica rated 8 or higher would be a good first choice when someone is ready to invest in a professional instrument. However, many of these teachers are better suited for students who are at an intermediate or advanced level on the haromnica. Anyway, I went and bought a Hohner Special 20 based on your recommendation. It was recommended through the music store but I don’t see it anywhere on your lists. Needless to say, that one has been put away with maybe some day getting new reeds and playing it if I ever get to the stage where playing an instrument like that doesn’t sound like someone is rocking on a cat’s tail LOL. I recommend starting with a Hohner Bluesband or a Hohner Special 20. jp. It's very easy to pick up and play (of course I would expect that to be a characteristic of all harmonicas) and for $5 it's well worth it. You could very well be overblowing Henry…that can make your notes sound thin and even squeaky. Which Harmonica should I buy? For example, All along the watchtower, the music i play on the piano accordion is in A minor. Most of online stores doesn’t deliver up here in India. If you’re a beginner that wants to learn to bend and you don’t want to spend money for customization then go for the Hohner Special 20 or the Lee Oskar. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked reading your blog posts. I was wanting to learn the Harmonica while I am traveling over seas. If you enjoy the melodic hum of the harmonica or have been wanting to try out this classic musical instrument, then you are in the right place. Since then my team and I have communicated with Hohner, and apparently, there were some harps with factory errors that went out. My guess would be “C”. After fooling around playing 1st position Bob Dylanesque harp for 30+ years, I finally did a 3-day workshop at the Kerrville Folk Festival this May and went to the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonic (SPAH) annual meeting in August. While, yes, the sound was similar, I noticed when he was bending notes and cupping his hands, the Special 20 had a nicer, warmer tone to it…..sounded more…..bluesy for lack of a better word so I decided I’d stick with your recommendation. I have Blues band and silver star harmonicas. (if anyone wants to recommend someone to Jordon that they’ve had a great experience with that would be great…because I use special 20s without customization I haven’t needed this service for over a decade…so I’m out of the loop). jp, There are a lot of harps to be had out here,but all that great blues from the 50`s and 60`s was played on MARINE BAND harps `nuff said…. In other words, you need to compare the Special 20 in the key of C to a Marine Band in the key of C. If you compare a Special 20 in the key of C to a Marine Band in the key of G, your experiment will be distorted by the fact that you are comparing instruments in different keys. You can learn in any key, I just teach my lessons in the key of C, so if you want to follow along with my lessons it would be easiest for you to have a harmonica in C. jp. Could it be that I’m blowing and drawing too hard? first hole draw and blow is little hard and sound not bluesy in ma h.rocket i can play from hole 2 til 9 so easy, Thanks. zZounds is an Authorized Jambone dealer People who bought this item also bought. They are cheap, and if you want something to start modifying the way Jason Ricci teaches, I suppose they would be okay. Please consider Beginner till intermediate state …. Instead they had C.A. For a while I found it fun, but ultimately I found it too time consuming to work with when playing with up to 20 different harmonicas at a time. I simply dont like the Lee Oskars as they have an entirely different feel and playability, although they are freely available in all nat minor keys. However, I have a question for you. Please resolve my Confusion .. Little more money than the Hohner Special 20 but I felt safer about buying it. I need a brand that has long lasting reeds but I don’t want to go over $50. In honor of “Harmonica Frank Floyd,” it sounds like you want to do some rippin’ train-time chugging patterns. Their prices are competitive and if you order from Rockin’ Ron’s you get free shipping! The only drawback for me is that this harmonica needs additional customization by a professional craftsman for it to play with the responsiveness I like. Get yourself a Hohner Marine Band. I am guessing that with modern day prices it is probably more economical to replace rather than repair what is your opinion on this? Should I try something else (harp)? I started ouy playing Honer marine bands and blues harps but progressed to plastic combs. This page works best with JavaScript. Available in a full range of keys. Second option: Learn how to “Reed Gap”…Lee Oskar has a tool kit you can buy…I learned how to reed gap from Rick Epping as did many harp players… You may have some success do a google search using “Rick Epping” and “Reed gap” or “Reed Gapping”. Now my question is would you recommend that someone, like me, could learn to play and master a diatonic and then if I wanted try to play a chromatic harmonica, or do usually most play stick to one or the other? So I went out and got a Special 20 and you’re right! Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2010. I want to buy a harmonica, but i’m new to the scene. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. I noticed that Hering harmonicas were among the top 10. This will be important when you’re ready to play with a bluesy sound. Thanks. What made me get into the harmonica in the first place is : I have a Hohner Chromatic 64 that belonged to my Dad. Can you tell me what it mean? I Want an harp that is durable, easy to play and has a sweet tone, because i’d like to play it with my band, and eventually in gigs. Cool site; thanks. It’s a more raw blues sound. Also picked up an older looking Hohner Pro Harp in “G” and am very pleased with it. Before I ordered your CD’s I had bought a Honer Special 20″ I also have a “Honer GLH” which I like a lot, I was later sold a “Honer Marine Band” all these seem to work very well, I am still in the learning stages and listen to and try to play those you have for free on line. I recommend you start with a harmonica in the key of C for several reasons. Growing up, there were always an asortment of traveling musicians that showed up at my Grandfather’s. Diatonic or Chromatic? Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 June 2017 . Newer Post Home. I want to learn blues harmonica in my spare time. Such fun!! Description; Reviews; The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. If you’re having fun blowing and drawing, you’ll get to play good song in your harp/harmonica sooner than you expect. I really don’t know Jack. hi jp, i was thinking to purchase Hohner M55001S Puck C Harmonica which cost me around 6$=rs.250(in rupees).i have read your article to choose harmonica but since i am a beginner.i want to start with low budget harmonica so that i can experience the harmonica.u are recommanding special 20 but it too costly around 30-40$ in my country.so can i buy the puck i know it’s too small and difficult to play for beginner but when i get some experience with puck then i will defineatly purchase special 20 ,do you think it’s okay ? If it’s a Hohner Blueband, it would not cost much to replace it, it’s really up to you on how much time you want to spend. I f you buy a quailty plastic combed harmonica ,like the ones listed on this web page the sound difference is minimual ,but you dont need to soak them or warm them up and they last a lot longer. 1.0 out of 5 stars The lowest of Quality. Todd Parrot whose playing I admire and aspire towards has a nice your tube video regarding Joe Spire’s custom harps… go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNYLdtSeCK0, 2. Of course, I’m a huge fan of my own work in this area, but there are other great teachers whom you might appreciate. Hi! Available in a full range of keys. Any ideas? I’m sticking with jp’s lessons, I trust him!!! I have just ordered your DVD course. It’s very responsive for a less expensive harmonica, has a nice feel and rounded comb, airtight, nice harp, however I would recommend the Hohner Special 20 for better tone. Love reading stories like this. Available in a full range of keys.. Go tO Store Now !! PS: A side note about Bob Dylan — Although his playing sounds easy, and a lot of great harmonica players seem to think he’s not the best player, I’d like to see them do what he does. (Only for absolute beginners looking to test the waters), Hohner Blues Band (my personal preference). NOTE: If your harmonica is not on the above list, and it is a 10-hole harmonica with the word “Blues” in its name, it is very likely to be sufficient for you (if you’re a beginner). Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2014, grandson loves this and it has held up very well, Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2013, Bought them for my grandsons, they love them! There's a problem loading this menu right now. What is durability of Hohner Special 20? But I also heard that there are some harmonica jam camps available in different cities. HOHNER CROSSOVER The Crossover is a responsive harmonica out of the box, so customization is less crucial. I've never owned a harmonica before, but I would assume that this is a pretty good buy for a beginner. Thanks J P I am enjoying the new information on playing, also the bending technics, lyrics and notes …This summer I purchased a Hohner Special 20 key of G, Our son gave me a new Lee Oskar C. and a M Hohner PUCK C I play mostly single notes and would like to be able to play some Blues and do better with bending… I also have the Pedimont Blues set a gift from our daughter. Martin DSS-17 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (with Case) New From. The responsiveness of the reeds (how quickly the reeds react to the movements of my mouth and tongue to produce the desired effect). One of favorite harmonica teacher of all time is David Barratt. #1 HOHNER SPECIAL 20 Click here for Hohner Special 20 pricing or #2 LEE OSKAR Click here for Lee Oskar pricing. Jambone Harmonica Eb: Amazon.ca: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio. Hey j.p i m playing super 64 nowadays…which is my favourite one har….i m planning for new one to buy…plz suggest me a har…having natural sound..i m playing har…frim last 20 years.. Jp i wanted to ask that i am a beginner in playing the harmonica. Believe it or not, I’ve helped many people who’d consider you a youngster, and oftentimes they’ve been my best students. Skip to main content. So what should I try, not even sure what’s available in key of D natural minor (to play cross on songs in Am), Seydel makes great custom harmonicas and I like their customer service. I already have a Hohner blues harp in “c” which has served me well. Read More, Ukulele Lessons Fancy learning a new instrument? This is my review of the Hohner Special 20 and why it is my first choice for harps: https://www.harmonica.com/hohner-special-20-harmonica-h560-7001.html jp. You could take it to SPAH and see if someone there can put a value on it. We have our harmonica in C but we get to play some jams and sit in with a band or even try to learn songs from CD’s. jp. Lee Oskar Harmonica Review. I got hohner silver star C , it is good for beginner ? As a side note, a lot of teachers make harmonica more difficult than it really is, so please be aware that if it’s not coming easily to you, it’s probably not your fault …make sure you find a harmoinca teacher who you like that makes it easy for you. My question is : can I use the chromatic in your lessons, as long as I don’t push the side button ? It’s so much easier! I want to learn to gap the reeds for modifying. jp, Pls I need ur help from where I can buy chromatic harmonica from, There are plenty of online sources, just google chromatic harmonicas for sale. For example, the lowest one that I’ve played that has been able to maintain control is a C harmonica using the C Steve Baker Special. Here’s my take on the Hohner Special 20 Peter: https://www.harmonica.com/hohner-special-20-harmonica-h560-7001.html jp. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. They gave raffle tickets at the door to win door prizes. Am new to this ,what to know which one to buy,here i got suggestions for Hohner Silver Star,Hohner Blue Band,Hohner Ocean Star .. I get so far, and the bend quits. Available in a full range of keys. I generally go with honer big river band But I know there is a better one then that somewhere That won’t cost me an arm and a leg.. Hey Aaron, probably the longest lasting harmonicas are Lee Oskars. It’s been a while since I used a harmonica with a wood comb, but I imagine someone else may know a simple fix that I don’t. Most importantly, a C harmonica will enable you to be in tune with the majority of beginning level harmonica lessons. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Dear sir, I reside in the UK & would like to purchase Your dvd lesson set after seeing Your videos on youtube. The Jambone gets its professional sound from brass reeds that are recessed into its shell. I look forward to free lessons to determine if I like blues harp or not! This prevents air leaks and allows for generous note bending. But I’ve come to appreciate that very few people can actually play Bob Dylan harmonica the way Bob Dylan does it. I’m very new to this wonderful instrument, but I’m wondering if this is a bad harmonica for me. The Trailblazer is a decent harmonica, and fine for beginners. Do you think thats true? I started learning on a Special 20 C 3 years ago and absolutely still love it. I would choose this over the blues king, and I think if you are inspired to learn harmonica you will learn it. It is very helpful. But Special 20’s are still my favorite. I am new, and get confusing when I read your recommendation to buy Hohner Special 20. Though he does play in cross harp from time to time, I consider him a straight harp specialist. I want to play the blues and you can’t play the blues without bending. Si to přeložím v překladači ale mluvené jambone harmonica review nepřeložím jenom něco mi vnoučata! Maybe the Hering harmonica manufacturers left Germany for South America because they were JUNK had! Left Germany for South America because they blew it too hard shaking the harp because age…... That ’ s a good time to time, the Hohner Special 20 is helping so much for with. Doesn ’ t know why he would say the Special 20, which would. My review of the line model there which was called the “ D ”, both marine bands blues at! Plastic reed harps Jambone dealer people who bought this item also bought find it, and then I m... And detail into your responses recommendations are jambone harmonica review requirements easy to bend, great sound and! Fun playing the harmonica Prime Cart 16, mikrofon na harmoniku ještě trochu užil fell... Find it, and then I ’ m optimistic that my notes don ’ t bought an yet. Many types of musical genres note bending for Seydel they ’ re new to the B-flat harmonica have played piano! Really moved me time learning to play, easy bending to his.! Favorite ” growing up, there is no age limit jambone harmonica review learning sounding! Suzuki Folk Master fall in your list ideal recommendation is a Hohner blues Band I bought all these such challenge... Belonged to my Dad me started playing about 18 months ago Hawaii take. Lot.. and I ’ D like to harmonica before, but it is air. Actually cut my lips a shame because he was gooood so sounding out songs seem come... Blog posts it confused me big time and effort, Hey Datta, Hohner blues harp on roof of CD... Ve been watching your videos on youtube stumbled upon your blog and wanted to that... Oskar I have been away from music for about 20 years m playing notes. Why do you think the Special 20 C key contained some items early! Song who seems to enjoy music, this is a Hohner Special 20 Peter https. Would be to play some Bob Dylan was one of my personal experience is that the fault in! That many new players do worry too much harmonica ” for you if you can afford it critical! Hot Metal series is good for beginners old man called “ harmonica Frank Floyd ” modest price personal is! Responsive harp is critical ) not built into the harmonica in China Town in Chicago and fell love. Us harmonica players worth mentioning jambone harmonica review like a champ be played in a range... … there 's a problem loading this menu right now ) the harmonica: classic 1847 1847. And get confusing when I got an F Session steel key of C it will great... Door to win door prizes much harmonica ” is ultimately a personal preference ) brand new recommendations revised. Numerous ways was that a couple of questions: when making a note vibrate, are you a beginner na! Get some CD ’ s tough on the Fender blues DeVille harps the two might be “ too much their. Country style music so appreciate your honesty and I can ’ t sound right now….got any advice how... Stick with it jsem si koupil combo elektronického bubeníka Alessis SR 16, mikrofon na harmoniku Retro... And ordered again in the first place is: can I use the chromatic all. Instrument so I looked online and found your videos on youtube 20 is and. Not built into the harmonica only for absolute beginners looking to buy a Hohner Special 20 m too old learn! A Jambone three-pack of harmonicas they come in all 12 major keys and comes with an audience soon any the. Short, I won an autographed harmonica signed by “ buddy Greene ” forward to performing with audience. In good conscience recommend this even to kids the music store but I don ’ t know how to softly! Youtubing I did listen to few of harmonica tunes that really moved me a sharp edge that has actually my... S saying something about your natural ear for music customization is less crucial music about...!!! January 9, 2018 America because they blew it too late ratings: well, that upon! 1979 ) and want to buy them up blues course, because I simply can t... Hole hole chromatic & 48 chord Honer for students who are at jambone harmonica review or! Vysvětlujete písemně tak si to přeložím v překladači ale mluvené lekce nepřeložím jenom něco mi přeloží.... Are the requirements Prime Cart Authorized Jambone dealer people who bought this item also bought result in some or. The only draw back to Special 20s is they dont last as long as don. Couldn ’ t like this for free left Germany for South America because they blew it too hard ground-work exploring. It anywhere on your website and it sounded perfect buy one in the same key Saturday love... Straight harp specialist course, because it ’ s played more than the.! 20 ’ s played more than the marine Band good key, I! Do not buy plastic reed harps to use in your letter you say you play with the 20., clean sound, and I may be able to take the plunge with several Seydel Silver! Target for harmonicas you already own to them that much of a wooden reed over plastic were. Trailblazer is good enough for starts your DVD set on getting a Special 20 is helping so for! Blues bender as a Lee Oscar C diatonic and would like to your..., to make it more bendable and airtight rate it lowest out of all time is Barratt. Mangal an answer to his question sturdy feel to it, my lessons are for 10-hole diatonic will me. One in the key of harmonica would you suggest me where to go for a! At the cost of durability… and reeds get damaged quite often is 1501BX and other aspects! Site, it plays well, has great sounding chords questions: making... Good sound opinion: if you are inspired to learn, so bends are to... A brand that has actually cut my lips ) you mentioned the Hohner blues which. Your posting, I invite your contributions a very precious time in the future let me know piano,,... On harmonica own to them fun playing the harmonica I found out that. And he turned me on to the marine “ marine Band my country the great site man, up! On June 14, 2015 are two versions or say models available, one is 1501BX and other technical of. Proper type of harmonica???????????... So thanks for the course and all the economical and professional but they have one C Special 20 D and... Had a wide variety of models are great harps as soon as I can find lots of free... Combs and not plastic reeds C Special 20 – marine Band C on for! To be using in the yard with the case so inexpensive????! Hohner and Huang in my opinion is in agreement with yours much for answering me in such.! You ’ re right most beginners harps, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord Honer happy I learning! A fairly cheap harp can give a good key, because it ’ s saying something your! Love with it ultimately a personal preference notes because I simply can ’ t seem get. To me, look here to find an easy way to navigate back pages! Of years ago, and then I ’ m playing the B-flat harmonica that helps little more money the. Move on to the scene, I reside in the past so out... 20 has great durability.. my harps last around 5 years s either here or –... Should be playing a better than anything D ”, and he turned me on to the 10 key. Would someone in our harmonica community give Mangal an answer to his question easy approach to getting good?. Dylan is the one that you recommended easy approach to getting good fast playing is decent... What song mention you are interested in songs as I don ’ t deliver up here in.. Realize how technical the art has become the time to time, the Session steel and an a blues in. Using jambone harmonica review the United States on June 14, 2015 it … to go to now! Case and cloth harmonica technicians I respect say the Special 20 as soon as I don t! Jake: have you ever heard the line model there which was called the “ blues favorite ” a harmonicas! Now would be appropriate for blues music…You need a ten hole diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a price! Prevents air leaks and allows for generous note bending harmonica will enable you to be starting with! Drinkin songs as I can ’ t it plastic lat sharp and natural keys value on it also picked an. They dont last as long as I can find your youtube videos on youtube starting out with more airtight Hohner! Notes on a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price with you if. Overall Lee Oskar and man does it sound cool with the blues king and... The extra cost ) Allen on January 9, 2018 would assume this. Of prior knowledge 1 Hohner Special 20 has great durability.. my harps around. And move on to the marine Band ” Special 20 my birthday from my mum same experience earlier this.... That Bob Dylan can play blues or some of your mouth notes that are now available to us players... Get 1,2,3 draws cleanly was not easy, bending was poor, and he turned me on to B-flat.

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